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   Crankshaft Inspection Equipment

Crankshaft Dimension Automatic Inspection Equipment

The equipment at the heart of the automotive engine parts, CRANK SHAFT automatic inspection equipment. CRANK SHAFT PIN diameter of the product after the polishing process for precision measurement and automatic classification and to determine pass or fail, all process of cutting the line to minimize the error rate is a precision instrument. The configuration of this equipment products LOADING, diameter measurement, UNLOADING, NG / OK as is the automatic classification. In addition, SPC PROGRAM for all manufactured products that automatically runs up to the DATA management is the precision automatic.

Measurement Items
- PIN JOURNAL Out Diameter /Cylindercity
- MAIN JOUNAL Out Diameter /Cylindercity
- CPS PIN Out Diameter
- OIL SEAL Out Diameter
- FLANGE Diameter
- HEAED Out Diameter

Equipment Specification
- Measuring Accuracy : ≤1㎛
- Cycle Time : 50 sec/piece
- Repeatability : ≤1㎛
- Load/unloading : OK parts automatic transfer NG parts seperately loaded
- SPC program : Measurement data save & control management