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   Cyl. Block Porosity Equipment

Cylinder Block Crack & Porosity Inspection Equipment
This equipment is used equipment the eddy current technology and defects the micro-crack & porosity of the cylinder bore inner surface by non-contact inspection way. This equipment BORE diameter micro-cracks (flaws), and porosity tests and casting defects due to defective processing of the product for the production of the product is inspected. And this equipment is configured with automatic UNLOADING, NG / OK classification system.
Measurement Items
- BORE inner diameter crack
- Crack size : 0.1(width)*0.1(depth)*3(lengthe)
- Surface porosity : ≤ Ø 0.5mm

Equipment Specification
- Constitution: LOADING, Crack detection, UNLOADING, NG/OK classification
- Cycle Time : 50 sec/piece
- Load/unloading : OK parts automatic transfer NG parts seperately loaded
- SPC program : Measurement data save & control management