In-process Gauge Amplifier

The In-process Amp is an electronic amplifier for the in-process application.
It can show Mechanical changes by Solving them from LVDT sensor which change to Electronic signals During measuring finger's contact with part

ITEM IN - 100D IN - 101D IN - 200D
Sensor Air Gap, LVDT
Sensorhead 1
Display 500 ~ -100
Resolution 1 / 10
input/output A type(Relay Type), B type(Opto Type), C type(Relay Type)
power supply AC 110V / AC 220V
option retraction, memory IN-100D + compensation IN-100D +TIR

In-process Gauge Head

The In-process head is directly in contact with part continuously.
Change Mechanical to Electronic signals through sensor (Air Gap or LVDT)

ITEM STEP Smooth Outter Diameter Interruped Diameter Inner Diameter
Sensor Air Gap or LVDT
retraction Air / Magnetic Type   Air / Magnetic Type
repeatability ≤ 1
measure range ≤ 100

In-Process Gauge Slide

In-process Slide is forward and backward the Measuring Head move to exact position It can make an increase of accuracy so this part should be make specially

Actuator Hydraulic
Stroke 53, 75, 100
Height 100,124,135 135
Type Single Position
Dual Guide
Single Position
Single Guide
Dual Position
repitability ≤ 1
hydraulic 20f/ ~ 100f/


Measuring finger is attached to Measuring Head and communicates the measure of many kind things such as measuring environment.



Contact is attached or bonded on the Finger which is direct contact to the part It usually made of Dianmond or metal.


Zero setting Device

Zero setting Devce can make a fine adjustment for handling Measuring Finger or Contact When we setup the zero point



Positioner is used with In-process gauge It can take an exact part position from grinder when grinding the part.


Test Bench

Test Bench is It is test JIG
That can setting the sensitivity,repeatability,matching of In-process gauge